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Eden Zang

Eden Zang

Eden Zang – Research Specialist


Office phone: 808-572-9000

Eden Zang joined Oceanwide Science Institute (OSI) in March 2014 as a Research Specialist. Her focus is on processing and analyzing acoustic data, scientific diving, assisting in the coordination of field efforts, and marine mammal vessel based surveys. She has been involved with projects that involve whales, dolphins, fish, marine invertebrates, and effects of anthropogenic noise in the marine environment.

She has a B.A. in Human Communication and participated in University of Hawaii’s Marine Option Program. In addition to OSI, Eden is the Maui Marine Mammal Response Network Assistant for NOAA Fisheries, (contractor with Lynker Technologies, Inc.) and has held various positions with private, state and federal organizations in animal husbandry, scientific diving, and protected resource management.