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OSI’s work leads to better understanding and more effective management of our natural resources. We need your support to continue with our efforts and launch new initiatives.  Together, we can make a real difference!

When you give to Oceanwide Science Institute, you’re investing in:

  • Unbiased scientific research to improve our understanding of marine life in Hawaii and around the world.
  • Education to build a self-sustainable future.
  • Local action to preserve threatened marine species and habitats.

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OSI General Support

Your unrestricted contribution helps OSI provide unbiased data to scientific and resource management communities.  Your donation helps to provide fuel for our vessel surveys, materials for developing and acquiring new research tools, funds for data analysis and much more!

Nai’a Kuwili Project

OSI’s Nai’a Kuwili Project is a long-term study of resident Hawaiian spinner dolphins. The project’s goals are to learn about the behavior and ecology of this species and determine effects of human interactions on local populations and their habitat. For more information visit our Projects page.

Support OSI’s Student and Intern Assistance Fund

OSI supports the work of graduate students and hosts interns from around the world, providing mentorship and learning opportunities for young scientists. Your dedicated contribution to this fund helps to support their projects and offset travel/lodging costs. Learn more here.

Looking for other ways to support OSI? Contact us to learn more about our corporate and in-kind donation options.